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Divine Empowerment Retreat

by Kris & Kat

Oct 26 - Nov 2 | Ubud, Bali

Blessings beautiful sisters,

we’re beyond excited to introduce you to our first Divine Empowerment Retreat by Kris and Kat. 

Both of us have been led on the spiritual path years ago which inspired us to open up a sacred space for a few women to come together in divine sisterhood and experience the magic of deep inner healing and connecting to their higher self. We have both planned on hosting our own retreats for a long time - so of course, the universe had to bring us together synchronistically so we can combine our gifts and offer twice as much magic.

The main goal of our retreat is empowerment of your divine feminine energy. Many of us carry suppressed emotions inside which can manifest as physical illnesses and mental trauma. We’re going to be actively working on healing and releasing that which does not serve us anymore. We are happy to give you the essential tools you need to dissolve unhealthy, self-manipulative thought patterns and shift your mindset from feeling unworthy/undeserving/not good enough/insecure etc to fully embodying your inner goddess and stepping into your power and full potential. We're going to access your subconscious mind with the help of our trusted NLP coach who can help you let go of trauma and heal on a deeper level. In addition we will teach you how to detox your body, mind and soul holistically. Besides all this healing work, we're going to have an amazing time together in the heart of paradise. We're going to go on exclusive trips to Bali's best hotspots - waterfalls, hikes, sacred mystical temples, rice terraces, etc. This is going to be an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Our biggest wish for you is to remember your inner truth, your own worth (priceless), to feel elevated and saturated in the highest frequency of love and gratitude,  to heal on all levels and to reconnect you to your Higher Self.


If you feel called to join our retreat and become part of our soul tribe, we’re looking forward to receiving your application. You can fill in the application form below. We’re going to go through all of the applications we receive in the next few days and then get back to you via email. If you have any questions about the retreat, we are here for your support via email.

Love and Light,

Kris and Kat 

Included in the retreat:

Our Divine Empowerment Retreat is an all-inclusive retreat which means everything is included in the prize except for your flights. Everything is organized for you, including:


  • 7 nights in one of the most beautiful luxury accommodations in Ubud with the largest pool in the area, a clean & healthy restaurant with lots of delicious vegan and vegetarian food options, a spa and a huge open yoga space surrounded by Bali’s exotic nature

  • Vegan/vegetarian brunch and dinner at the best restaurants in Ubud. 

  • Transfer from the airport to the accommodation via a shuttle service

  • The full program of the retreat including all workshops, trips and experiences (see below)

  • beautiful content of our magical experience so we can always look back and remember these special memories we shared together

  • The only thing you need to do is book your flight. Everything else is taken care of for you. It couldn't be easier and more comfortable :)

Program & Activities:

  • Opening & closing cacao ceremony 

  • Daily meditation

  • Daily yoga class (all levels)

  • 4 workshops in total (2 held by Kris, 2 held by Kat. more info below)

  • Ecstatic dance

  • NLP Coaching with our trusted NLP expert to release past trauma (extra charge)

  • Individualized One-on-One coaching with Kris and Kat

  • Exclusive trips to the best hotspots in Bali including waterfalls, the most breathtaking hikes, sacred mystic temples, rice terraces etc 

  • Spiritual growth goodie bags

  • Special VIP surprise on the last day


Shadow Work Workshop by Kris

  • Identify limiting beliefs

  • Learn how to let go of distorted sense of self

  • Remember how to acknowledge your own darkness

  • Connect to your true vulnerability

  • Learn how to let go of limiting beliefs


Step into your Light Workshop by Kris

  •  Transmute darkness into light

  • Acquire new healthy belief systems that serve your highest good

  • Step into your full power as a true goddess

  • Learn how to cultivate self-love and heal your self-image

  • Tools for integrating your Higher Self into your everyday life

Holistic Energetic Detox Workshop by Kat

  • Learn about all your energy bodies (astral, mental, emotional and physical) and how to transform them holistically in order to raise your vibration

  • Discover how to break free from old energy patterns and beliefs in your mental and emotional body

  • Learn how to release trapped emotions and clear your emotional body

  • Discover the most effective detox methods for your physical body

  • Learn how to get rid of unwanted physical baggage safely and quickly

Energy Healing Workshop by Kat

  • Become psychic and start using your psychic abilities

  • Discover how to activate your Merkabah and travel in different dimensions

  • Learn how to connect with your guides and angels

  • Discover the secret of sacred geometry and how to use it in your daily life

  • Learn how to reprogram all of your energy bodies to create the life you have always dreamed of


  • Early Bird Ticket 1650€ *

  • Double Room 1750€

  • Private Suite 1950€

*Early Bird tickets are available for everyone who transfers the full payments until September 22


  • You will be able to pay in 2 rates  

  • After you have sent in your application, we will contact you via email and ask you to secure your spot through a deposit of half the price *

  • The payment can be made via PayPal, credit card or standard bank transfer. We will send you all the details when we contact you

  • You can pay the other half until one week prior to the retreat

  • When you pay the full price until September 22, you get the Early Bird Ticket

*Please note that the deposit is non-refundable since it goes straight to the accommodation to book your room

Your Guides


Kris is a best-selling author and spiritual guide who helps thousands of people all over the world through her books, her workshops and retreats. Her task is to remind souls of their Truth through her words and her energetic guidance. She is a natural healer who assists in transmuting darkness into light.


Kat is a spiritual teacher and certified detox expert. Her mission is to help souls raise their frequency and ascend into their best version with her deep spiritual knowledge and expert advice. She spreads her knowledge through her best-selling Happy Detox Program, workshops & retreats.

Photos of our beautiful luxury accomodation & retreat setting

Apply Here
Ticket Preference
Would you like to eat vegan food?
Do you have any yoga experiences?

We will get back to you within the next days and contact you via email.

We cannot wait to connect with you and hopefully meet in person in Bali to have the most beautiful healing time together. :)

Love & Light,

Kris & Kat